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It started with 3 close friends trying to make a difference to the farmers in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia after an eye-opening visit to their villages. Tying in with our hobby of being crazy about coffee (we are not coffee connoisseur, we just love coffee), we decided to help the farmers by buying their green coffee beans. After some trial and error in roasting and cupping (some days we literally saw stars from too much caffeine), The Promised Beans was born.

Right now we still purchase the coffee from these farmers but we also source coffee from other suppliers who have similar vision as we do from different parts of Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

We want to make a difference to the farmers, their families and their community, maybe not to all the villages at once but to some. We do not want them to change their lifestyle. We love and wished that we have their lifestyle. We believe in learning and sharing together to bring out the best in them and us. So we invite you to participate in this journey together with us. With The Promised Beans coffee.

About The Promised Beans

"To glorify and honor God by impacting the life of our local suppliers and their communities, our employees and our customers"


"To make Him known globally through the life-cycle of coffee"