How to earn BEANcoins?
Is there an expiry date for my BEANcoins?
How to spend BEANcoins?
How does friends referral works?

FAQ - BEANcoins

To earn your first BEANcoins, create an account with us where we will reward you with 100 BEANcoins.


For every $1 spent at our online shop, you will earn 7 BEANcoins.


Earn more BEANcoins if you complete any of the actions in our earning section.


You will still earn your BEANcoins even when we are having a sale or discounted price. 

You can redeem your BEANcoins for any purchase you placed through our online shop. Minimum spending of $20 or $50 is required.


Redeem your BEANcoins with discount coupons:


  • 200 BEANcoins for $2 off ($20 minimun spending).
  • 500 BEANcoins for $5 off ($20 minimum spending).
  • 1000 BEANcoins for $10 off ($50 minimum spending).



There is no expiry date for our BEANcoins. But as with all coffee beans, it will be better to spend them when they are still fresh, preferably within 1 year.


Try not to spend all at the last minute but it is good to bless others once in awhile using your BEANcoins.

What do I do if there are errors in my BEANcoins earnings?
Can I use my BEANcoins to bless a friend?

When you refer a friend to us and makes the first purchase, we will reward you with a $5 coupon. Your friend will also receive a $5 coupon for the first purchase!


How's that for a win-win deal where your friend will always remember your blessings.

Yes, definitely you can. Just redeem your BEANcoins when you make a purchase at our online store. Provide us with your friend's local address, so that we can deliver our coffee to them.


We will include a free personalised card. Please limit your message to about 20 words. Short and sweet.

Talk to us and we will make sure all your BEANcoins earnings are properly accounted for.


We will see to it that all technological errors here will be dealt with severely by some loving human touch!